June dates are up and more will be rolling in. Some links and thanks to New Noise for being their bandcamp band of the day last week. Also, a new interview with Vents Magazine is below. Thanks to Punksite for the kind words too.




Some things to come. June dates will be rolling out soon. West Coast solo dates coming too. Just letting you know we're excited to be back at it.


To answer the questions coming in about Aeonian vinyls. They are coming. We promise! Thank you for the support and patience! Means more than you know.


New lyric video posted below for “Anoesis” off our latest LP “Aeonian”!

January dates for the North East U.S. posted for you too!

Stay warm and much love!


Thank you all for the love you have show for the new album! For those of you who are enjoying it and sending the kind words we appreciate it more than you could ever imagine! We will be announcing our first shows of 2019 soon.

Now for an even more important topic. PLEASE VOTE! Make yourself heard!



I don't know where to start, but to every music lover out there. This is a bunch of music lovers continuing to create and inspire.... to bring you Nowhere Fast Music' new record, "AEONIAN"! This is nine songs we are excited to get out and play for you. My mates and I worked it. Phil and Skeely Skeely you lock it in on all levels rhythm and familia no matter the distance! Jim Bob Brown you kill it on keys, support, thoughts, and hangs. Paul Watkins you got the tone, heart, and care going on with us! Graham Reid Conroy and Garik Niffenegger thank you for it all. The calls, listens, ideas, keeping heads above water, hangs, brotherhood, and care. The band would like to thank Nick Diener for caring, helping, and falling for these songs. All love for Oneder Studios and you always!

The constant of art still inspires and for that ardor we thank you. 

"Aeonian" is out everywhere digitally now! SpotifyApple MusicAmazon.comPandoraYouTube MusiciHeartRadioTIDAL, etc....



Guestroom Records Louisville now carries our vinyl for all you Louisville beauties.

If you are searching for us on Spotify. Search url Nowhere Fast Music and you will find all releases and the soon to be new album "Aeonian". Go give us a follow and thank you all so much for giving us a listen. Remember outside Spotify we are also on all major streaming sites.


Okay, okay, okay a few things to talk about here. Yes, we have one Louisville show coming up with the amazing Bouncing Souls and Tim Barry. Check the show page for all info and links. Road shows coming.

As I type this out I am also finalizing the artwork for the new record. I know that it has taken a while to get "Aeonian" out there to you all, but wanted it done right and outside of this baby there have been many other projects to finish so Nowhere can get back out on the road. 

If you are searching for us online at the moment you will have to use nowherefastmusic.bandcamp.com to listen to the discography online. The only thing around the globe you will find at the moment is the 2010 ep "Highlands Sessions". The reason for this is we are clearing up all confusion as to finding what records are ours. Point being we listen to your emails and appreciate all the love and support. So, starting in mid-June you will be able to search for us under Nowhere Fast Music for everything including all online streaming. No more of this here or this there on Spotify, etc.... So, stay tuned and since we caused this headache for you all we have everything up at bandcamp for free download (just like we do during the holidays) until the new record is out.  We hope all Mothers of all forms enjoyed their holiday too. 

Much love for everything,



Small run of shows kicks off tonight with Iron Chic and Call Me Bronco! Check the show page for more info. All new songs as we have a new record about ready for your ear holes.



Seth will be doing an interview tomorrow morning on 97.1 WXOX (Louisville) at 7a.m. sharp. Tune in if you're up and get the latest on what Nowhere is up to.


Hello everyone! After a year of writing, recording, and touring we are at another years end. This means that everything at Nowherefastmusic.bandcamp.com  is for FREE download until the end of January. Our new online store will be up and running Monday, the 11th of December. Seth has a few solo dates coming up, but stay tuned for 2018 dates.

Now, to answer the questions about our new record. We will be dropping the artwork and track listing for "Aeonian" in the new year. Release date is forthcoming and we really appreciate the love and support. It means the world to us! We hope everyone enjoys their holiday and we will see you soon.


Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that on July 23rd we begin recording our new record, "Aeonian". The record will contain nine new tracks we are very proud of. We are also going to track with the wonderful Nick Diener at Oneder Studios in good ole' Michigan. More details about "Aeonian" will be posted soon. Until then we did release a nice home demo a few months ago over on soundcloud. The "Lifer" link is below. 

There is also a tour with New York's Dead Wrestlers coming up in October. We will have dates and cities posted very soon.