Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that on July 23rd we begin recording our new record, "Aeonian". The record will contain nine new tracks we are very proud of. We are also going to track with the wonderful Nick Diener at Oneder Studios in good ole' Michigan. More details about "Aeonian" will be posted soon. Until then we did release a nice home demo a few months ago over on soundcloud. The "Lifer" link is below. 

There is also a tour with New York's Dead Wrestlers coming up in October. We will have dates and cities posted very soon. 



We will be hitting the studio soon. Until then we appreciate the patience as we decided to grow beards, drink way too much coffee, and travel back and forth to write. We will be narrowing down the seventeen demos to ten or eleven tracks. The new record will be titled "Aeonian" and we are excited to get back out on the road and play these songs for you. Until then we would like to share a demo from the Nashville sessions called "Lifer". More details about the actual album coming soon. As always we thank you for the love and support. 

Nowhere FM


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Well, into the fourth month of 2017. Writing is about done for the new album. Some studio time is being set. After that we will be posting dates. We're very excited to turn the key and get back out on the road and play these songs. So, until then we're working to finish up all the tedious things behind the scenes that go into this. We may be posting a demo or two soon. Who knows. Stay tuned and just maybe. Thank you always and forever for the support. 

Nowhere FM


Hey, another update. First things first. We have a brand new website thanks to Garik. So, head over to nowherefastmusic.com and check it out. Online store is going to be updated this weekend. Also, everything at nowherefastmusic.bandcamp.com is still up for free download.

Now, onto the update for the new record. We finished the Aeonian Sessions - Part Two a few weeks ago in Louisville. So, plenty to clean up and choosing before hitting the studio this Winter. Spring dates will be posted soon as we're waiting on some loose ends to tie up. We would like to thank everyone of you for your patience as we keep chiseling away. Stay warm and remember we love you....

Seth, Phil, & Steve


Hello everyone! We know all has seemed quiet at Nowhere FM since April, but quiet only to the public eye. We've been writing a new record, having some meetings, etc.... We have nine demos we're finishing up from our Nashville sessions. We're tracking six more in Louisville soon. Not all of these songs will be on the record, which, tentatively is titled, "Aeonian". Will all these songs be released? Most of them, yes, as we have some other surprises in the bag too. All we do know is we're going to Chicago and Michigan with fifteen to track. We are very fortunate and grateful to have the support and love of families, friends, and YOU to continue to do this. More info coming soon about the record, touring, and when we will see each other.


Much LOVE,
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ten years ago the "Hollow Angel" seven inch was released. Much has changed, but this was our first proper release and we THANK Little Heart Records, Ben Andrews, and as always even to this day.... the floors, friends, truck stops, and seedy rooms then and now. So, if you want a trip down memory lane. It's for FREE download atnowherefastmusic.bandcamp.com. Okay, enough nostalgia. Back to working on the new album