Okay, okay, okay a few things to talk about here. Yes, we have one Louisville show coming up with the amazing Bouncing Souls and Tim Barry. Check the show page for all info and links. Road shows coming.

As I type this out I am also finalizing the artwork for the new record. I know that it has taken a while to get "Aeonian" out there to you all, but wanted it done right and outside of this baby there have been many other projects to finish so Nowhere can get back out on the road. 

If you are searching for us online at the moment you will have to use nowherefastmusic.bandcamp.com to listen to the discography online. The only thing around the globe you will find at the moment is the 2010 ep "Highlands Sessions". The reason for this is we are clearing up all confusion as to finding what records are ours. Point being we listen to your emails and appreciate all the love and support. So, starting in mid-June you will be able to search for us under Nowhere Fast Music for everything including all online streaming. No more of this here or this there on Spotify, etc.... So, stay tuned and since we caused this headache for you all we have everything up at bandcamp for free download (just like we do during the holidays) until the new record is out.  We hope all Mothers of all forms enjoyed their holiday too. 

Much love for everything,